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It's Nintendo Day!

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Nintendo spouted off a variety of interesting news today, announcing that Gamecube sales had quadrupled in the US since last week's pricedrop, with 61k units being sold in 7 days as opposed to 15k each week all summer. It seems they liked that, as they also mentioned the imminent price drop from €199 to €99 (?79) in Europe which should spur another couple of thousand people to finally get the purchase over with. The company also had some bad news, dropping its first half projections from a profit of $117M to a loss of $23M due to losses in foreign exchange rates. That economy, eh?

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As much as I love Nintendo, they sure do know how to dig themselves into a hole.
A deep hole.
What are you talking about?
Certain aspects of hole digging.
they are talking about 'deep holes' ... ^_^ ahh haha
And other holes. Some not worth mentioning.
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