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Gamecube selling fast -- not unlike hotcakes

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  • Share: link to this page e-mail this page Digg it! Facebook reports that North American sales of the Nintendo Gamecube have skyrocketed as a result of the recent price cut that took effect late last month. Sales of Nintendo?s Gamecube have since outperformed the PS2 by 20% and outsold the Xbox by a 145% margin. The Gamecube was outperformed only by sales of the Game Boy Advance, which has consistently sold more units than any other hardware system.

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Forums / News / Gamecube selling fast -- not unlike hotcakes

mmm hot cakes....
I think Hotcakes sell better...but only because they go better with syrup!
What about waffles?
145%? Wow.
mmm Hotcakes. mmmwaffles. mmm 145%.
Hey! 99$ is pretty cheap! I would buy one if I didn't already have a PS2.
Why do all the forums need a freekin' email adress! What if this isn't my computer?
then get a hotmail, moron. and post something relevant to the news article.
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