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Kutaragi reveals PSP concept design

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Pocket Sex!At Sony's US shareholders' meeting on Tuesday, Playstation master Ken Kutaragi gave a quirky little presentation about Sony's upcoming new strategy involving the PSX and Cell processor. He also showed this design for the PSP, which although definitely not final, is pretty freaking sexy. The PSP will apparently be made to compete with the GBA, N-Gage, iPod, and cellphone/PDA market. Wow.

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Not exactly what I had pictured in my mind but I suppose it's not to bad. Where the hell's the analog stick?
yeah... it needs to not be a cellphone/PDA cuz I've already got one of those... but it definately needs to play MP3s... 'course I'm just a selfish bastard like that... Also I don't know if I'm quite digging the super sleek look...
If it looks as good as the N-gage, and is compadable with PS2 games, bring it on. If not, screw it.
As good as the N-Gage?
The graphics.
sorry to poor and thay better not make FF games for it or ill be forsed to buy.
Hey, it better be able play mp3 and cost low enough for me to buy... or else....
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