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Final Fantasy XII unveiled! Again!

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So it was a judge then. With phallic weaponry.Square Enix smacked us all in the face with more Final Fantasy XII details today.

A variety of sites are claiming to have TEH SKOOP on Final Fantasy XII news, but you all know there's no place else to read that shit than here (mostly because we just regurgitate while making fun, and the news is all from anyway).

In any case, what we're looking at is essentially Ivalice again - the same universe that Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance were set in and Vagrant Story bore signification allusions to. Main character Ashe of the Final Fantasy XI-inspired Hume Race is, in a flashingly creative move, a princess in distress - her comfortable princess-like livelihood thwarted when the Arcadia Empire (rulers of Valentia, a name straight out of Vagrant Story) captures her land of Dalmasca (from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance), which lies between its territory and that of the Rosaria Empire (which controls Ordalia, from Final Fantasy Tactics). In true Final Fantasy IX's Garnet nature, she plans a rebellion and meets Dalmascan native "young boy" Vaan along the way, who is "bright and optimistic" and dreams of flying an airship. Um. Right.

Contrary to series traditions, it appears that Ashe is a bit of a badass, more comparable to FFIX's Beatrix or Final Fantasy X-2's Paine than the easily molested stereotypes of Final Fantasy yore (Aeris? Rinoa? Dagger? Yuna?).

As the game returns to a familiar universe that has proved highly successful in the past, Matsuno's earlier comments appear to come together: it certainly hasn't been Final Fantasy tradition to set the plot in a universe with rules and realities already defined by other games. If anything, Matsuno's apparent enjoyment of the world he helped shape means that our familiarity with the setting will help lift us over that first step and get us going with this particular story when we get to play it (in 2005, likely). Final Fantasy Tactics bore with it a complex plot full of intrigue and bad grammar; Vagrant Story bore with it a complex plot full of intrigue and Shakespearian writing, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance presented us with the possibility that not only could Square Enix make a kiddy game, they could steal a scenario from C.S. Lewis' Narnia and then make it suck.

Oh well. As more news trickles out, expect us to analyse it and present it here in order to seem intelligent. Until then, get speculating!

Update (2:45AM PST), Famitsu reveals more info: More influences from FFT have apparently made it into FFXII, with the prologue sporting something like this:

"A warrior bears a Sword and a Stone on the breast. He lays his most powerful memories into the Sword and his new skills into the Stone. The history of the Sword is told unto the Stone; now the time has come to re-tell that history.

Sounds like the Zodiac Braves are back? The Judges certainly are, as Final Fantasy XII's development team revealed that the logo is essentially a bit of a Lady Justice kind of thing: a Judge is depicted in such a way as to display its judgement powers, which are the greatest power in the world of Ivalice. The colours in the logo also signify the most important colours in the game: orange and blue, which apparently reflect the high temperatures in Dalmasca.

New information on the gameplay is also surfacing, with the designers confirming that all battles are set on the overworld map (like in Chrono Trigger or, more recently, boss battles in FFX). Whether or not this means random battles are completely gone is up in the air, however.

Oh, and chocobos are back as the primary transportation method - not too much of a change there, then.

Update (6:35AM PST), Conference details: The Final Fantasy XII key development team has been revealed:

Yasumi Matsuno
Producer (Vagrant Story & Final Fantasy Tactics)
Akihiko Yoshida
Character Design & 3D Map Director (Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle)
Isamu Kamikokuryou
Background Art (Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VIII)
Hideo Minaba
Art Direction (Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IX)
Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy X, Chrono Trigger & Hitoshi Sakimoto (FF Tactics, Tactics Ogres)

Vaan and Ashe have been confirmed to be 17 and 19 years old, respectively, with more characters to come - including some of the Viera and Bangaa races found in FFTA. Vaan will be voiced by Kohei Takeda. Ashe's voice actress has not yet been announced.

Character models in FFXII will consist of less polygons than those in FFX, but (in order to) use improved textures and a better shading system. The lower poly count hasn't affected the character models negatively; in fact, their animations are smoother and they look altogether more detailed than Tidus and co. The in-game camera will be fully controllable, as opposed to FFX's over-the-shoulder view or fixed-perspective angles.

The battle system has reverted to the ATB system prevalent in all FFs up to FFX, but this time sports the ability to launch combo attacks like in FFX-2.

While Judges in FFTA were a neutral force, they are now confirmed as the "Terror Knight Order" in FFXII, and are the primary foes of Vaan and Ashe, although we're not sure how or why.

Besides the return of chocobos, moogles and Cid have been mentioned as being present in the game as well.

Final Fantasy XII will be released in Japan in "Summer 2004", and the official homepage will be updated again in December. The game is 70% complete according to Famitsu.

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Now THAT's quality video game journalism!!!
I remember the rumours about the FFXII logo, or FFXI, had a demon with erect penis as its logo...Man, I'm glad that never happend....
I wish that the FF games would be a litte different and original with the characters. Wait, not so much as original, but different. I'm getting tired of the main characters being young dudes who are always in love and get all melodramatic. I wish that SquareEnix would bring back the old characters like Cicil. or one of those rough, I'm-ganna-kick-yo-ass kind of characters. Someone straight. Not like Titus. (no offense to girls who are fans)
Time to say: DOPE!
Yeah, Matt's a genius. The demon with an erect penis thing realy cracked me up.
Time to say "I'm going to kick your ass if you keep saying stupid shit"...
You fill my life with constant giggles. teehee
Now it's time to say, "who pissed in your corn flakes, Mrs. Pissey fit."
Was that an oxymoron?
No, but you're definitely a moron.
Heh, Crimson here's a really funny guy ain't he? Eh, no.

Nah, it's not tho. An oxymoron is something like, "Wow, what cruel kindness."
Trying to be funny and stating fact are two different things.

Now everyone shut up.
Blah Blah.
Suck a nut Crimson.
I've notice twice so far that you've told us all to shut up, yet everything's fine until you come along and decide to start shit.
Maybe you should shut the fuck up and there won't be a problem.
1) leave CH alone.
2) maybe next time, before you start demanding more awesome characters, you should learn how to spell their names correctly, i.e. CECIL, not CICIL. dumby.
He started startn' shit with us, so I'm not sure why you're telling me to leave him alone.

Oh and learn how to use proper grammer and punctuaton you dumby. (Dumby is spelled dummy btw.) Don't you know what periods and capital letters are? Or what about runon sentance? Does that process at all?
Go tell people that care.
I'm simply wondering where have the staff gone? Kitase, Normura etc. I suppose that Nomura is busy with his Kingdom Hearts world, but it is a shame that Final Fantasy will lose him since FFVII, VIII & X were some of the most talked about games. I dunno, but if XII isn't good, Squenix will have screwed up big time. However, i remain faithful that this game will be carefully constructed, and the end result will be good.

People, get over spelling & grammer. Ok, so some people (obviously) have serious issues, and should learn, but otherwise one error or two is not worth pointing out. However, i must point out that the characters in Final Fantasy need to be changed, why don't you try designing them? Leave the series the way it is, until the general Squenix public demands this, which will provoke the company to consider it. But this crap about young guys chasing chicks is crap. If you don't like it, get the hell out of this site, and stop calling yourself a Squenix fan, ok?

Nephtis (Formerly Dragmire) - Damned Matt hasn't fixed my login yet!!!
Actually, I think it's about time they got someone OTHER than Nomura. His character designs are great and all, but hopefully with Yoshida and Minaba, there will be a bit of variation thrown into the mix (with the exception of the main characters, however), and rid of the monotony.

I have a feeling that FFXII will surpass many, if not all, of the previous installments of the series. Maybe I'm stretching my words a bit too far, but damn does this game sound great. Final Fantasy Tactics's world was great, and the return to Ivalice is a huge plus for me.
steve... does somewhere in all this... writing... someone say something mean to ya?? should I step in? oh yeah... leave my steve alone!!
Aww, the both of you break my heart.

I'm all good and happy with Matsuno, but the story'd better be more like FFT and VS than FFTA, aye? No kiddy shit. Those Nazgul Terror Knights gotta kick some serious ass or I'll be a very unhappy little gamer.
"People, get over spelling & grammer. Ok, so some people (obviously) have serious issues, and should learn, but otherwise one error or two is not worth pointing out."
Geez. Finally someone has the right idea.

Anyways, I'm fine with Matsuno. He's not bad but I still do miss Nomaru's work. Nomaru and Final Fantasy just go hand in hand.
Thank you Cain for pointing that out. Now I am completly neutral on the grammer thing. That means don't bother me about my typing and I will not have to make some meaningless point.

On another subject, I think that Nomura should work on a PS2 version of Ergheiz *did I spell that right*. And every time I think of Amano, I think FF. And I loved ol' Yoshida in tactics, but not in a newer game.@_@
My bad it's Kain.
Well sure, can't forget Amano.
Something about his *creepy and* beutiful art.
His style is definatly different from anything I've seen but I like it. Yea, it is sort if creepy.
I feel I must keep the issue of the male charcters looks alive. Now. I think he looks like a pussy. Does anyone have anything to say about that?
All right I cant say that I dont like it but FFIX decided to go stealing from all of the old school FF's It turned out to be a good game and all but from what I hear this is to an extreme. Sure it takes a lot of work to create a whole new world but dont give me the excuse that it will help us relate to it better. Not sayng that I loved the whole scenario in Ivalice and VS but I've been there before so it better be a damn good game
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