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PlayOnline not subject to term "sucking", proves Square Enix

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MY FRIEND WILL BE 99 AND ILL BE LEVEL STUPIDBack when Final Fantasy XI first launched in Japan, critics (and gamers) were skeptical as to whether or not it would actually be a success - especially after the launch of the network it ran on, PlayOnline, which crashed and burned under the underestimated traffic. Luckily, Square Enix appear to have things under control almost two years later, now that the title has been released in North America: 400,000 gamers are currently using the network, making it a pretty huge success. Who said Square didn't know what they were doing?

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Forums / News / PlayOnline not subject to term "sucking", proves Square Enix

On my netscape player they have now added the "Final Fantasy" station. We are so going mainstream.
I realy wish that we wont get to mainstream.I despise that shit!
online playing is cool
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