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X-2 International+Last Mission has children

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Square Enix confirmed that Final Fantasy X-2 International+Last Mission, to be released in Japan on February 19 next year, will include a movie of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Now you actually have a reason to import it! Whether the upcoming PAL release of the game will include the video too is unknown, but probably not.

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*A* movie or *THE* movie?
good thing that wus detald or id be confeused
sMOKNIJBUHVpCTFXRDXZESWAQ)a*&^%$#@!09876543219m76543210qwertyIiopasdfghNklzxcvbnmG Just Spamming>
Oh I thought you wint crazy,thats cool too.(Im glad you like dope so much....If I misspeld any thing to give the wrong impreshon im vary sarry.)
well I'm confused about this whole thing still
does anyone wanna shed some light on the subject?
Is it the full movie or just a Trailer of Final Fnatasy VII:AC. .
I don't have any light to shine. . what druggies
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