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Yoichi Wada proves how mad pimp Square Enix is

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A new franchise that will cast a shadow on Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy; more things that are not games; allusions of grandeur... the president of Square Enix speaks -

With the merger between Squaresoft and Enix, arguably the two largest console RPG content providers in Japan, now standing at nine months ago, many wonder whether the joining of the two behemoths has achieved any results. Over the past few months, notably since the September Tokyo Game Show, the company has shown its immediate dedication to bringing back elements of both companies that had been laid to rest due to, presumably, lack of funding. And so we see Dragon Quest V revived, Front Mission making a return, and above all the reincarnation of Squaresoft's animation studio with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. In any case, it's at least evident that the merger has brought about significant changes in the way that the company operates.

To highlight the changes further, as well as provide some insight into what's coming for the company this next year, president of Square Enix Yoichi Wada spoke to Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun. A transcript of the interview is available from PolygonMag.

In the interview, Mr. Wada made several key points clear about the newly formed Square Enix. Here are some key quotes; you can read the rest yourself in the full transcript.

"Since September we've achieved a profit in every area of our business."

"Now, hardware and network providers are intimately involved with software development and we need to work together to survive."

"At the moment we're only developing games, but if the market continues to grow we may explore other areas of network entertainment and maybe auctions."

Videogame-only eBay? The Final Fantasy Radio thing may already hint at what kind of services we could start to expect from Square Enix. Highly interesting stuff.

"We're just beginning to mix the resources from the Square and Enix sides of the company that will someday create a game that exceeds both Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy."

Before you scream Dragon Fantasy or Final Quest, or start hoping he's referring to Kingdom Hearts, he's not. We actually have no idea what he's talking about, so shut up already.

"We're content providers, but we want to rival other media companies. We aim to become the Disney of the 21st Century by fully utilizing technology."

And this one is the best of them all - imagine a Square Enix console, tv channel, or mainstream theatre movies. Whee! I suppose they intend to achieve the same level of popularity as Nintendo; after all, they're as big and as popular in terms of content production in Japan.

With both Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII, as well as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts II scheduled for release in the next two years, it looks like a busy time for Square Enix. Whether they also branch out into more areas than any of us can foresee remains to be seen, however.

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Forums / News / Yoichi Wada proves how mad pimp Square Enix is

A sqare enix consle,tv channel,movies!Any of that would be great.
I'm waiting for them to make ammends to all of us FF fans and make another FF movie, but this time.... MAKE IT A FINAL FANTASY MOVIE... :)
yeah none of thatspirits within crap.
"explore other areas of network entertainment"

One word guys: porn.
Am I the only one who thinks they'll pull a zinger on us and re-release their INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM in Japan with a new feature to make toast and coffe, while they secretly laugh at us poor shmucks?

Those bastards.
porn ain't bad they better nt make the Jpanese one better tan ours
hey...guys...wat about a new parasite eva?????.....i m really missing this something u sqaure enix...
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