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Over 500,000 geeks congregate to PlayOnline

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Square Enix announced today that the userbase for its PlayOnline game service has surpassed 500,000 users, a mark attained thanks to brisk holiday sales for the PC version of Final Fantasy XI and the insistent demand of a make-believe cyber-place where geek boys and girls could meet under the protected veil of video game penetralia.

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I r teh 1337 ffxi player.

I'm a proud geek, damn it!
It really has exceeded all my expectations, good job Square.
Yeah, that launch day from hell in Japan kinda scared me about how it would ultimately do. Im just glad that became a real success in the states.
It probably could have done a lot better if people didn't cry like little babies over the whole World Passes deal. They all act like there would be a level bar when there really isn't.

[For those that don't know, you can switch jobs in your Mog House from lets say, a level 44 Warrior to a Level 1 Monk to play with your other level 1 friends. When not playing with them, you can switch back to said Warrior and pick up where you left off.]
Crimson Head u r right Geek power
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