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Final Fantasy XI packaging revealed

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Sony has revealed the packaging of the PS2 version of Final Fantasy XI, which will finally see the light of North American day this coming March. The package includes the game itself as well as the 40-gig HDD hard drive and a 30-day trial of the online service. Final Fantasy XI will retail for an MSRP of $99.99.

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seeing as how im a cheap-ass, I sure am glad I didnt have to spend that much for the PC version. pc version r teh r0x0r!
and on that note... check it any of your locak EB GAMES you can Pre-order FFXI WITH the PS2 hard drive which comes out in March NOW for $100 HOWEVER at EB if you bring in any 4 non - sport PS2 games to trade in we will take off $50!! ain' it sweet?? *explodes from shameless advertising*
vnhough FFXI is a awsome game it is only online. *sigh*
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