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Final Fantasy X-2 sells 1 Million

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On January 20th, Square Enix announced that since it's North American release in the fall, FFX-2 has sold over 1 million copies. Worldwide, over 6.6 million copies have been sold, and this is before it's Europe release. Between the two, both FFX and FFX-2 have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. Together they account for 20% of the entire series' sales, making them the most successful titles in the franchise, in terms of sales.

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Forums / News / Final Fantasy X-2 sells 1 Million

I didn't like X-2 too much, but its not suprising about the sales it made. . .
^_^ ahh... thats my girl... I knew Yunie could do it... this is for all those stupid guys who come into EB saying WHY WOULD I PLAY A GAME WITH ALL GIRLS?!?!? BITE ME FANBOYS!
so true... all guys said that heh, not me tho :>> i like boobies, all the more reasons to buy it XD
O_O Guys..

Well, I didn't buy the game for 'boobies', maybe cos I'm a girl but I don't mind having either a guy or a girl as the main character, Yuna rocks anyway XD Yay for square! 20%! woohoo ^^
Oh, it wasnt the T&A that bothered me ^^ ... Boobies R GUUD. What really botehred me was just how corny some of the scenes got.
I found that the gameplay makes up for that, in my opinion. But I'd definitely agree most of the scenes were ridiculously retarded.
cheesey... yes... was brother retarded? yes... but not in an annoying way, in a funny way. and it honestally had the best game play and battle system EVER
true true boobies r good. why wouldn'yt u play a gamewith all girls. and it is from a long line of near perfect games. gigly gigly
I still need t buy X-2
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