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New Final Fantasy XI expansion possible

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Square Enix has recently registered two new trademarks seemingly related to Final Fantasy XI - "Promathia no Jubaku" in Japan and "Chains of Promathia" in the United States. The title has not been confirmed or officially announced for release by Square Enix.

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Forums / News / New Final Fantasy XI expansion possible

Yay. Now I get to salivate WITH GEEKDOM! Hyuk-uk-uk.
more exporting to the EUA, less expansionating.

damn squenix ... im aching all over for NOT playing a pal version of ffxi and these guys are getting a second expansion already... come on square are you guys completely blind? ... im forced to import a US version i see... damnit all.
lol im in saturday school as i type i have a "sub" and im only one here so she let me do wva BUT ive been scowering the whole web for info on a second expansion i LOVE the idea i cant get into ne websites though they are all blocked but if ne1 has sites, info, or nethin on a new xpansion email me btw *first post* sorry its so long.
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