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Square Enix sheds light on new Final Fantasy XI expansion with cheesy teaser page

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Avid Square Haven reader Stephen Wilson revealed today that Final Fantasy XI's upcoming expansion, The Chains of Promathia, now has its own page on the official FFXI website. The "veil" will apparently soon be "lifted" from "the Shrouded Land". We can't wait.

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Forums / News / Square Enix sheds light on new Final Fantasy XI expansion with cheesy teaser page

Hahaha, I didn't even think you'd actually use that as the title of the article :D:D:D *suddenly feels important...*
lol, that page is pretty cheesy tho >.< oh well!
So Square Haven has confirmed, for a fact, that The Chains of Promathia and the limbo areas are one in the same?
Nope, we operate under mass assumption based on facts generated from other websites, remember? If you really care that much (we don't), go ahead and figure it out and continue posting fascinating news like "Square Enix registered a new trademark for a 4-bit 2-color cellphone game to be released next month in Japan, in Japanese, with no text whatsoever, for $2.99 per download!". Dork.
Yeah. Sure. And Europe is getting FFX-2 International + Last Mission as well ==>
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