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Final Fantasy XI addition this month as download rather than official expansion

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The new area "Dynamis", which will shortly be added to Final Fantasy XI's game world of Vana'diel, is coming sooner than previously thought.

According to the Developer's Room found within the PlayOnline? Viewer, an official announcement has been made regarding a new update scheduled for February 24th. Said update will include four new areas associated with this so-called "Alternate Reality", as well as a plethora of other updates.

The new areas of Dynamis will require the use of a "timeless hourglass" and a quest item, and each are limited to a maximum occupancy of 64 characters.

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Forums / News / Final Fantasy XI addition this month as download rather than official expansion

No surprise there. A lot of MMORPG's do that now. Most of the Everquest expansions can be purchased and digitally downloaded from their site. Wonder if that saves them money? (Broadband expenses vs CD/Packaging Production).
I told you to change it to the 24th, not 25th!
Oops. Fixed.
Now they changed it to the 26th! :KSJLWDJKSD :|

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