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Kingdom Hearts breaks 4 million

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Squenix announced that dodgy Disney/Final Fantasy mix-up Kingdom Hearts has sold over 4 million copies worldwide, 2 million of which in North America, 1.2 in Japan and 800k in Europe. This puts the title among the bestselling games the company has published, not to mention one of the bestselling games on PS2. Kingdom Hearts will be receiving a sequel later this year in the form of Kingdom Hearts 2, as well as a GBA incarnation, Chain of Memories, both of which will be further unveiled at E3 this May.

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eeeexxxcelent... the prescious has done well
cant say that i'm suprised. I cant say that i know even one person who is at all a video game fan that has not played this game, So i say keep up the good work.
JUST REMEMBERED my friend borrowed that like 2 weeks ago from me and hasnt mentioned it....... suspicious....... IF HE BROKE IT IM GOING TO CASTRATE HIM AND SHOVE IT DOWN HIS THROAT! *clears throast* ahem lol yay 4 mil!
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