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Final Fantasy XI out on PS2 today

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just to get this straight: no underage pornFinal Fantasy XI was released today in North America for Playstation2 in the form of a bundle containing the 40GB Playstation2 HDD with the game preinstalled on it. The official Sony website is also up, containing the usual propaganda crap and a pretty sweet commercial that, while cheesy, does a pretty good job of explaining the MMORPG concept.

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Forums / News / Final Fantasy XI out on PS2 today

About time. =)

Newbie areas are gonna be flooded with people again, heh.
ha, ive had the game for 2 months and im still a noob :P, then again im on the fuckin fairy server with it could be worse...
And just what the hell do you mean by that?

Hmm, but so far, the lag is actually not as bad as I thought it would have been... I've heard that no more new people are going to be allowed on Fairy unless invited via World Pass, so hopefully that's true.
Er, disregard first line.
I for one love the idea of a final fantasy live game, It really brought it all together for me.
la la la la i love ffxi oh if your from siren talk to me same name *phoenixtail* la la la la
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