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John Woo is making Metroid: the Movie

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Woo!John Woo has optioned Nintendo's best-selling video game franchise "Metroid" for the big screen. The movie will center on the origins of the game's female protagonist, sexy bounty hunter Samus Aran, and relate her adventures battling the insidious life-sucking Metroids and their controlling force, Mother Brain.

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neato! then again, the last moved I saw based on a Nintendo character sucked...

(Mario Bro's)
hell yeah, a metroid prime movie.It best not suck!
as long as I get to be Samus it's okay with me :P
Zigma - Where do you see PRIME in that entire article? It's a movie about Samus's origins, not her epic battles with reptilian space pirates on Tallon IV.

I'm slightly intrigued by this...hmmm....
Ok, im convinced im dyslexic?

How the hell did I end up putting ?moved? in place of movies?! /panic
*I* understood you ^_^
that is great!!
Actually, the film could still theoretically touch on the story of prime, since prime takes place in betwixt Metroid and Metroid II: Return of Samus...
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