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More information released on Final Fantasy I-II Advance

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soul of chaos dungeon not actually final fantasy 3Famitsu has new details of FFI-II Advance, both of which are under production at the company's Product Development Division 7. Apparently, FFI's Soul of Chaos dungeons will be comprised of 4 areas and include such new bosses as the 2 Headed Dragon from FF3 and Atmos from FF5. The Ragnarok weapon will also be returning. FFII will have an extended sequence called Soul of Rebirth explaining more about the main characters. Two extra characters, Cid and "Borgen", will also be available in this part of the game. Fleeing from battle with L&R is now also implemented in both titles. FFI-II Advance is scheduled for a Japanese release this July.

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sweeeetttt beyond sweetness... just so long as i have time between kh:com and this i will be good ^_^
I really wanna see a Final Fantasy 4-6 port on the advance, but this is pretty nifty too.
Yeah ff6 is awsome.
I think they should release FF3(not 6) on GBA, it's the only Final Fantasy not released in America. FF1 and 2 will hold me over until KH:COM and KH2.
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