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Square Enix strategy meeting this week?

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like the nintendo joyspot, squenix intends to rename playonline to Gamefront is reporting that there are rumors of a strategy meeting being held later this week in which the release date for Final Fantasy XII will be discussed, as well as the future of PlayOnline, information on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children's release media, alpha tests for Ambrosia Odyssey, and a new project from Star Ocean 3 developers tri-Ace, which could possibly be a new Valkyrie Profile title. Gamefront emphasises that this news is unconfirmed, however, so don't get your hopes up.

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Forums / News / Square Enix strategy meeting this week?

i wonder what squenix is saving up for the ps3 though, maybe that new valkyrie profile would be a good start (since it takes tri ace 3578564856 years to make anything)
I know i hate how it takes so long,and just when it's about 2 come out it's delayed or somethin.
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