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Additionally, Square Enix also unveils new mobile phone line-up

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Devil May Cry action in 8 bits!Alongside its E3 announcement today, Squenix also mentioned that it would be showing several new mobile phone games, presumably to further deploy its mobile phone operation in North America. Three of the four titles announced are unspectacular - Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and top-down shooter Brave Shot - while the fourth is more intriguing: Before Crisis - Final Fantasy VII. It seems we now have our Final Fantasy VII sequel, although any more info will have to wait until the showfloor two weeks from now.

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Forums / News / Additionally, Square Enix also unveils new mobile phone line-up

It looks like Beyond Crisis is merely a 3d model of Cloud that you can rotate around and otherwise mess with, according to details of the Square Enix USA press release that I conveniently missed earlier.
Oh, except I still can't read:
Visitors at the SQUARE ENIX booth will be in for a surprise to see the latest development from SQUARE ENIX MOBILE: BEFORE CRISIS ? FINAL FANTASY VII. The trailer will be premiering at E3, providing an exclusive look at a game that could possibly take mobile entertainment to a whole new level.
i love the Hikari or a.k.a Come and clean be they talk about downloads (of the song) to mp3 but ipods also????
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