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It's that time of year again: An E3 approaches! What games do you show?!? Press L+R to run.

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E = DS^3Square Enix has confirmed its the line-up for what it says will be its biggest E3 yet. What's up with that?

In case you'll also be at E3, Square Enix's booth is number 624 in the South Hall (not like we'll be there, so don\'t think about stalking us).

Here's the list of titles to be shown at the convention:

So what happened to the other games they were supposed to be showing? Who knows. Maybe they're "secret" unveilings - but Square Enix isn't a company to generally reveal surprises at trade conventions like E3. So coverage of the rumored titles - a Final Fantasy VII action game, new RPG for the Gamecube, Actraiser title for GBA and such - or the already confirmed development-wise but not mentioned in the above list - Ambrosia Odyssey, Dragon Quest VIII, etc - may have to wait til later in the year. Or will they?

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Forums / News / It's that time of year again: An E3 approaches! What games do you show?!? Press L+R to run.

Maybe they currently dont plan to release either title in the US.
i am a little *to* excited about the 2 new kingdom hearts titles... a little to excited
Square-Enix has a news article up regarding their E3 showings... Maybe we can see what they have to say themselves?
I am really excited about F.F.Advent Children.
The "story: Square Enix has up is the press release all the gaming sites (including us) copied the information from.
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