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E3: Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII unveiled

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But will Vincent be playable?Square Enix has revealed the upcoming cellphone title Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, a game set 6 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII and featuring the Turks as main characters.

Before Crisis is a top-down action rpg with a look reminiscent of Super Mario RPG in that it uses a blend of 2d and 3d to define the style of graphics.

Gameplay will consist of both overworld battles and turn-based ones, the latter of which can be played with up to three players if they have the software on their mobile phones.

Whether the game will be available this side of the Pacific is currently unknown, but considering Square Enix' recent attempts to expand its Mobile operation over here, it may not be unlikely.

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looks like on top of actually GETTING the game im going to have to spend like 600 on a phone that actually can PLAY it. =S
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