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E3: Details on Final Fantasy XII from new trailer surface

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Will Basch be a playable dark knight?1up's David Smith has a few new impressions of Final Fantasy XII. It seems that the young prince-like figure shown with Ashe in many of the FMV shots is actually a villain, whose name is Basch. Described as a knight gone bad, he murders his king and fellow knights for thusfar unclear reasons. Other minor new information includes Vaan's initial companion Penelo, with whom he seems to be earlier during the game before becoming imprisoned and meeting Fran and Balthier. The trailer also showcases more of the airship wars and some clips of summon animations. Producer Yasumi Matsuno also made an interesting statement regarding the title, saying "I believe Final Fantasy XII is akin to extremely exquisite silverwork." Intricate craftsmanship then? We\'ll see later on this week when the game will be available in playable format.

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Im so very hyped for this game... I love waiting for a game to come out. It brings back fond memories from when I waited for the other FF's to be released. ^^
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