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E3: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children handout scan

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A scan of a flyer for Advent Children handed out by Square Enix at E3 has some details of the movie in English.

The text reads as follows:

Revisit the Fantasy

The most memorable and beloved Final Fantasy characters are back in a full-length DVD movie.

The world of Gaia narrowly escaped destruction years ago. Now a new threat, a plague, is spreading quickly, and secluded hero Cloud Strife must again step forward to save his world. This stunning CG animated film realizes the city of Midgar and its inhabitants with detail and clarity never before imagined.

It looks like Gaia is now the name of Final Fantasy VII's world. And no, that doesn't suddenly mean FFVII and FFIX are connected.

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Gaia, eh?
How... original.
I believe the world of FF7 was called Gaia before the movie, (In which the word was used in it as well), was even in production. I could be wrong though.
As far as I know it was the name of the second world in FF9 and the name of the world in FFTSW, but not FF7.
Rahul: the second world was Terra.

In FF7 they just called it the Planet.
The Planet, eh?
How... original.

/girly giggle
They can call it tellytubbie land for all i care... I just wanna see it,, Looks really cooooool :)
Hell yeah it does!
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