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New Final Fantasy XII details - romantic subplot, Green magic, city maps, and more

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Final Fantasy XII also gets the Japanese game magazine treatment.

A multitude of Japanese magazines also interviewed Matsuno and summarised some new information, which is listed below.


  • Although there may be a love story around Ashe, Matsuno doesn't want to make it too direct, like Kazushige Nojima did with "romantic scenes" in FFX.
  • Rabanastre, the capital city of Dalmasca, is a stoic city surrounded by wilderness. It functions as the center of military activity and communication, making it a place where many different races live
  • The city appears to be divided into commercial and residential districts
  • The Archadia Empire sent a Consul from Archadia to Rabanastre to control the politics of its presence there


  • Camera position can be changed during battle with the right analogue stick
  • Monsters healing themseles is now part of their AI rather than a per-enemy specific ability
  • Monsters attack weak or magic-dependent characters first
  • When monsters are fighting in groups, wounded monsters will retreat to flee or heal
  • In dark dungeons with no lighting, undead monsters will appear
  • Matsuno asked FFXI's producer Hiromichi Tanaka to lend some monsters from FFXI, which explains monsters such as the Mandragora in FFXII
  • During boss battles it may be necessary to spread out characters and attack from several positions
  • When fighting multiple enemies, each enemy type is put in a group to make it easier to target them (using L1/R1). In such cases there will also be a group for your own characters
  • Pink Target Lines indicate support effects between monsters. Red is for monsters attacking, blue for characters attacking, green for support effects between characters.
  • The Target Line can be turned on or off in the configuration menu. Matsuno says turning it off makes battles harder.
  • The final version of the game will include an option to specify a target and keep track of it
  • The Wait Time Gauge fills at a speed depending on the skill being used
  • for instance, it fills almost instantaneously when using items, whereas powerful spells may take a little longer
  • When enemies prepare powerful attacks, the attack is added to the Battle Log as "new". Previous Battle Logs can be viewed from the menu.
  • In order to keep the battle view simple, several configuration options will be added, such as on/off toggles for various information that is displayed or announced during battle
  • When fleeing from enemies, it's possible to be caught between two groups of enemies while running away. You will generally have the opportunity to heal, however, and moving to a seperate "screen" disengages your pursuers.
  • Unequipping weapons allows you to fight bare-handed
  • Each character has his/her own animations per weapon, as well as reach and other statistics
  • Using a certain weapon skill frequently improves a character's proficiency with that skill. This could be related to weapon level.
  • Besides Black, White, Green and Time magic, there will be "Arcana" magic, which covers all HP/MP influencing spells such as "Babble" which doubles current HP without affecting max HP


  • There will be an indicator on the map that guides the player to the next location that will continue the story
  • The final version of the game will include city maps in cities alongside the navigation map
  • Dungeons and cities contain "life crystals" that can be used to heal. Other kinds of crystals are used for saving.
  • Whether the game will support the PS2 hard drive has not yet been decided

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The battles seem like they're gonna really kick ass in FFXII...
It sounds really cool,the battles seem really complex.
This really makes the battles more intresting.
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