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"Reunion" an important theme in Advent Children; no Cid or Red XIII; other details

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WHAT ABOUT YUFFIEDengeki has been busy, it would seem - more Advent Children info is also bubbling up.

Much of the information appears to be more related to the events of the movie this time. While it was delayed to the end of the year to presumably coincide with the launch of the Playstation Portable in Japan, it would seem that the flow of information is by no means stagnating.

On the scenario, Dengeki managed to extract some details that point more decisively towards a new "Reunion" (an event in Final Fantasy VII that would lead to the recreation of Jenova by bringing her head and various cells, which were embodied in Sephiroth clones, together). The scene in the trailer that has Kadaj talking to a group of children is one where he apparently speaks of the Reunion. And while it is supposedly believed that Jenova vanished when Sephiroth was destroyed, the mysterious alien creature still appears to be present on the Planet, its cells once again gathering to reform at the location of its head.

The silver-haired "Trio" consisting of Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz also seems increasingly important to the storyline, with Kadaj cynically wondering whether he and his companions will be welcomed back to the city of "their big brother". They also seem to have previously engaged in battle with Tifa, although it is not known why. Tifa has taken to looking after orphans, and though supporting Cloud after Aeris' death, doesn't live with him. However, when reunited in battle, they are still connected as close friends. Aeris' memory also lives on in their hearts. As for the Turks, it was originally thought that they vanished along with Shinra after Rufus was killed by the Weapon, but Reno and Rude still appear to be working together.

Director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura also revealed some technical information on the project, beginning by saying that the project is approaching 50% completion - scenario has been completed and Japanese voice actors have been chosen, but the English voice acting process has not been started yet, nor will both sets of voices be recorded simultaneously. When asked about the presence of Cid or Red XIII in the movie, he also commented rather mysteriously that we would eventually understand why they haven't been announced as characters. Yuffie remains unmentioned, and Dengeki didn't ask about her anyway.

Nomura also commented on the Playstation Portable, saying that its sharp, pure display and screen dimensions are an excellent format for displaying Advent Children on. He also said that the movie will be released before winter, presumably regardless of eventual slips in the release of the PSP.

Art director Yusuke Naora also had some things to say about the new logo. He commented that as with the original Final Fantasy VII logo, he wanted to display some concepts while leaving a lot open to interpretation. For instance, the logo could be seen as the front wheel of Cloud's motorcycle, a certain person's silhouette, or more directly, the base sequence of Jenova's cells.

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I was thinking that the logo, atleast the circular part, represented Midgar itself. If you look, the inner-most circle is divided into 8 sections. And I remember reading a Nomura interview a while back, when he was asked were the movie would primarily take place, he annouced that he couldn't say specifically at the moment but then added that the location was hinted in the logo. So it made sense to me. Then again, who knows really?
Good point. I also thought it looked like something stabbing the Planet, as a metaphor for the damage Jenova's arrival inflicted and the fact that the movie will probably deal in no small amount with the Reunion and healing of the Planet via Holy/Lifestream.
Its not midgar.... Its a pie tin!
I thought the logo was the meteor that Sephiroth summoned to destroy the word in the game
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