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Yet another Final Fantasy XII update

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Basshe, a new playable character, was recently unveiled. He is a popular general of Dalmaska who, unlike most of the other generals, worked his way up from being a commoner. It is not yet known if he will be a permanent member of the party or merely a guest.

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oh my goodness brad pitt IS achillies... *stares at Basshe* wait... thats not... HUH?
shit... forgot to add *explodes*
they certainly revieled a lot in the game play at E3, so I am trying to figure out where this guy is going to be part of the party? Man he comes and goes when Van doesn't know the truth. I mean come on He just murders everyone LOL! Still havent' seen Troy but want too.
This guy reminds me of Raphael from Soul Calibur 2.
He also does kinda look like Brad Pitt.
its like a cruel mixture of the two... but he only looks like brad pitt IN troy not brad pitt normally... i dont know why...
shows new pics and two new characters (non playable)
that site is really kick ass too! sugoi!
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