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Cid, Red XIII in Advent Children after all?

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How many polys went into this guy`s bald head?After Nomura's musings last month that Red XIII and Cid may not make an appearance in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children for whatever reason, it appears from new scans of Jump magazine that they will show up at some point after all. Aeris was also shown in a magazine last week, and from these current scans, it also appears that Reno and Rude will be fighting against Loz, Kadaj, and Yazoo, presumably alongside Cloud et al.

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Forums / News / Cid, Red XIII in Advent Children after all?

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! I love Cid in FF7. He's such a bastard!
Holy cow. That's awesome! Cid rocks!
This is awsome Cid is my favorite FF7 charecter.
I love Reno & Rude!! Yay turks!
This Is Just Too Good To Be True !!!! FF7 Rules
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