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Japanese gaming market continues downward spiral into woeful oblivion

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"The latest annual report from the Consumer Entertainment Software Association shows that the games market in Japan declined once again in 2003, leading to an overall decline of some 40 per cent since 1997."

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Forums / News / Japanese gaming market continues downward spiral into woeful oblivion

While the Japanese market decreases, what does this mean for the American and European markets that continue to prosper? Will the games originating from Japan just dwindle into non-existence, or will Japenese game makers simply shift to a greater focus in foreign markets?
every where in the world the game market has declined not just Japan, also larger more known companies in Japan are doing fine, and they have already(well Square Enix) looked to European markets) EA as killed some many of it's smaller companies I am suprised they still exist...there was a cool write up on this topic at Seems like Online games are what saves everyone...But Hey Xenosaga2 just came out and you can bet that Namco will be successful for that game! oh yea and they have also said this about the anime industry too, but look at Ghost in the Shell 2 and Inuyasha ok enough said ja na
"This just in! You're an idiot!"
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