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Famitsu rates Final Fantasy I-II Advance

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A recent issue of elite Japanese gaming mag Famitsu contained a review for Final Fantasy I-II Advance, which received a quite unsurprising grade of 35/40, made up of three nines and an eight.

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Awesome... I'm happy again... I like Milla Jovovich, ever since she played in the "5th Element"...
Uh, what does Milla Jovovich have to do with Final Fantasy I-II Advance?
Maybe they got the comment section for this story confused with the news about the new RE Trailer mixed up. That or they just felt like randomly spamming. Either way, it made me chuckle very loud. =D
If the score is 9/9/9/8 then wouldn't it be 35/40?

Are you getting DDS's score confused, Rahul? ;D
Silly Crimson Head, don't question Rahul and his crazy European math!
What the hell is so crazy about european math?
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