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Yamamoto pledges improved support towards the European market

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In an interview with, Square Enix Ltd CEO John Yamamoto pinned down a couple of details relating to future activies of Square Enix in the European market. "Yes," Yamamoto said when asked if the company plans to increase the number of titles it publishes in Europe, "because we're going to be our own publisher and distributor, the answer is yes." Yamamoto also hinted at possible future software development in Europe, although nothing is certain at this point. Other notable comments include a confirmation of Final Fantasy XII's and Kingdom Hearts II's release in Europe next fiscal year, and the release of Star Ocean 3 this September, only a month after its release in North America.

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Forums / News / Yamamoto pledges improved support towards the European market

I love the way this guys name is John. But, look at his last name, Yamamoto. John is such a plain name and Yamamoto is freakin awesome.
Anything can intrest you.
of course anything can, when you live in the deep south of mississippi absolutely anything from the outside world will interest you.

I wish i had an awesome last name like that!!!
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