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Square Enix explores possibility of theatrical release for Advent Children

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Square Enix president Yoichi Wada recently revealed that, in addition to the Venice Film Festival, other outlets are being considered for the release of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, including digital downloads and theatrical releases.

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Forums / News / Square Enix explores possibility of theatrical release for Advent Children

This was mentioned just after E3, in fact, when they revealed it was being produced for UMD as well as DVD.
Good. This is exactly what TSW should have been. It could've saved Square from assimilation.

Can't say I'm surprised by this...

Oh, and Masa - I sleep on a bunk bed yeah, which is only accessbile by a ladder and last night I must've been dreaming or something because I woke up screaming about my ladder being taken off my bed so I couldn't get down
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So in sheer terror I jumped from my bunkbed down onto the floor at 3am.
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(that was a quote from QDB btw)
Wow, that's interesting.

...and damn funny.
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