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FFXII site updated with race information

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A new section of the Final Fantasy XII official site has been opened, revealing new details about the races of Ivalice. Currently, the only information available concerns the "Humes", an intelligent race which eats up a 40% piece of the population pie, and the Viera, slender-bodied and silver-haired forest peoples with a tremendous longevity. The Viera, who come in light-skinned and dark-skinned varieties ("Veena" and "Vana", respectively) have their numbers split between forest inhabitation and Hume integration. Sounds a bit politically charged, really...

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Politically charged, is it? I'm beginning to like this FF title more and more. Another thing I was immediately attracted by was the "Judge," and how it's protrayed (from what I understand, a most fearsome figurehead of sorts, though I'm probably a bit inaccurate. Or not), and I have the general feeling that I will come to really love this game. The new battle system, however, while not exactly giving me pause, makes me want to study it in further detail...

Well, for the most part they're hailing it as the next RPG revolution. But while I wouldn't go to that extreme, I'm still willing to stay positive. Still, I think that years of turned-based action and world-mapping have dulled our "realistic adventure" senses. If Square pulls this off it really might be something innovative.
I've read some of what the creators had to say about the game and what new features it's bringing to the proverbial table, as well as what other sources have had to say or explain regarding what's new and returning about FFXII. I am most concerned about two mutual concerns, each potentially negative and positive (from my point of view): First off, the battle system. I've read that, at the most, it will be the most drastic change, but I have yet to really see it in action to get an idea of what sort of learning curve I'm in for, and I have no qualms with learning things anew again; I rather like that about the more technical games (and this was my negative concern). The positive concern regards the story and/or the atmosphere. If I recall correctly (and I seriously have little/no faith in my recollective ability), isn't this game being overseen by those who were most involved with FF Tactics and Vagrant Story? (I understand that there is probably SOME of VG's play mechanics in FFXII, but that's an old, vague memory.) If this is so, I hope they make the story/atmosphere as enticing and involving as ANY scene from FFT or VG. Perhaps some of the ambient darkness (as per physical settings) like they had in FFVII would be nice, too, as that's one of the many things of FFVII that I was able to sincerely appreciate.

And an addendum: The motives of Basch really capture my attention too. I feel that, too, the relationship between Vaan and Penelo is of some particular interest; nothing too "out there" or beyond conventional belief (though, how this could apply to a fantasy video game, I'm really left to wonder). But, yeah... Thinking about these things FF-based has really got me itching to play either FFVIII or... hell, Tetris -- I don't know what I'm saying anymore.
Well, then, let's take this to the forums and have a good time with it...
I can only see the change in battle system as a step in the right direction. You’ve got to step out and look at this form the bigger picture. What will FF13, FF14….. bring to the equation, once we have got passed the constraints of the turn based system we can look to truly develop a fighting approach which could be different for each person. We are ultimately looking to get caught up in a story line, which won’t let us go. To be honest I’m looking forward to constant game play, without that twirling screen every five minutes.
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