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US launch of Halo 2 the single most profitable day in media history

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SUCK IT, SONYAlthough no solid figures are available yet, Peter Moore anticipates that the US launch of Halo 2 will result in $100 million in profits on day one alone. If his claim is accurate, the Halo 2 launch day will be the single most profitable day in media history, surpassing the opening day of any video game or motion picture released in the US, ever. In addition, Microsoft expects to sell 10 million copies of Halo 2 eventually, doubling the sales of the first Halo and penetrating 60% of the US X-box market and in addition, Sony?s anus.

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Forums / News / US launch of Halo 2 the single most profitable day in media history

Ah Microsoft, your money's all that money.
And ye shall be as.....oh, wait...shit...I don't have an X-Box.
I have to wait until next Friday to get my copy. ugh.
I'm probably the only person that doesn't care about the game's release. Ah well.
Halo 2 is the biggest monstrosity ever, it looks great but theres no soul.. its very cold. Half Life 2 is a far superior game, made with passion!

Like all Microsoft games it is mechanically made set to standard, theyre all cold hearted.
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