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Bakusou, Yankee Tamashii servers terminated

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One of the characters available on said online delinquent biker gang MMORPG.What is certainly a sad day for all online gaming delinquent biker gang deviants, Square Enix has decided that the Bakusou, Yankee Tamashii servers will be shut down on December 28. Though Square Enix offered the game's client software as a free download from its original launch date last year, it seems to have lured few players -- not enough to maintain steady interest in the game, at any rate.

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Forums / News / Bakusou, Yankee Tamashii servers terminated

That fucking sucks. Bakuou, Yankee Tamashii is arguably the best thing Square has produced in years.
Damn them all! It had so much promise as a franchise! I mean, come on, an online biker gang simulator! Any gamer who wouldn't want to play that is out of their bloody mind.
All those kids are going to have to leave their houses and join REAL biker gangs now.

Square Enix cancels online game, crime goes up.... FACT.
woah. you just blew my MIND.
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