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Code Age revealed

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The last of the unknown patents steps into the limelight: Code Age, under development for unannounced platforms by Yusuku Naora's team, was revealed on the Dragon Quest VIII bonus DVD bearing the descriptor "new concept brand". We already know there are multiple patent filings, leading to speculation of another crossmedia endeavour for the company. More Polymorphism??

Naora, creative director for the project and primarily known for background involvement in titles varying from Chrono Trigger and the Bouncer to the more recent main series Final Fantasy titles, has most recently been featured prominently onboard the Unlimited: SaGa team as character designer, as well as art director for Advent Children, and his distinctive style can certainly be seen in the trailer appearing on the DVD, which sport a subtle use of celshading reminiscent of Unlimited SaGa and Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

Gamespot reports that the trailer shows "a scene set at sea, an aerial view, then several character shots.", and translates the narration as follows:

"Deep, deep into the sea where light cannot reach,
The environment is severe beyond imagination.
One fish evolved its eyes to seek for light.
Another fish evolved its mouth to seek food and to survive.
Mankind escaped from evolution by crawling out of the water and reshaping its environment.
Everyone was dreaming of a bright future,
But that was abandoned by a new world order.
This is a story about people that were once human.
This is a story about people that continued to be human.
Code Age.
[Our] heart was screaming,
Evolve if you want to survive.
[Our] instincts were screaming,
Leave the strongest gene.
Show off your style.

Little is known about the project other than these miniscule details, but it certainly sounds interesting and as soon as more information surfaces, expect to see it around here.

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This game sounds cool. I can't wait to hear more about it. Have they hinted or given any kind of release date projection yet?
Well, with classics like The Bouncer and Unlimited SaGa under his belt, an exceptional title is sure to arise!

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