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EA poised to take over world

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Despite recent setbacks, game publisher Electronic Arts, with support from its powerful allies has begun a systematic domination of all that is good and righteous. And although many attempt to struggle against this terrible oppression, the truth remains:Resistance is futile.

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karma- times one billion

Let's just pump the karma down.
Well, I always said that EA & Microsoft were money hungry. EA, I swear, will end up publishing/owning most of the games I will see in a few years. It's times like these I'm glad they don't publish SquareEnix games anymore...
There's absolutely nothing good that could possibly come out of this deal. It's good to see that the NBA at least had the sense to reject exclusivity.
Although like everyone else seems to be, if they don't give in, they'll probably find themselves being forced to. Or as I like to call it, being offered so much money they simply can't say no.
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