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Yasunori Mitsuda's on track for 2005

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Yasunori MitsudaAccording to a special feature released on the Dengeki Online website, everyone's favorite Chrono composer is set to release a Chrono Cross Arranged album sometime in July. Along with the new Chrono Cross album will come a colaberation piece between Mitsuda and Masato Katou (the writer behind the Chrono series) entitled Kirite. The new album will not only contain music, however, as the disc will also be filled with pictures and stories. While this is not it for Yasunori, the games he is involved with have yet to be announced.

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Yay! Lovely news. Music on Chrono Cross is superb. Hopefully this one will see the light of day pretty soon.
Oooo. Chrono Cross music is indeed fancy. Even though I still haven't managed to play the game, the music I listen to is certainly of superb quality.
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