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EA hates you and your family

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EA Hates YouIn a brash statement yesterday, Electronic Arts, the world's largest game publisher, announced that it has inked a 15-year exclusive deal with ESPN. This liscense gives EA sole rights to the ESPN brand on all platforms, including console, handheld, PC, and others. However, EA assures gamers that they do not intend to leave behind the highly-popular Madden title. What this does do, unfortunately, is simply dig the hole Sega Sports is in even deeper. While rumor is that EA Sports is going after other exclusive liscenses including the MLB and NBA, nothing has been confirmed yet.

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Seize ye children and run, for the apocalypse cometh.
Now that's just nifty, y'know. Buying the only real competition to Madden. What's next EA? Gonna try your hands at a shitty third party console that no one wnats?
Maybe they'll buy out several other competitive sporting titles.
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