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What happened to Final Fantasy XII?

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Thanks to Video-Fenky for noting Hiroki Tachibana's column on biglobe that goes into speculative detail about potential reasons for Final Fantasy XII's disappearance from the worldwide gaming radar.

Videogame writer Hiroki Tachibana had the following to say about what might have happened to FFXII that is causing such huge delay:

"When development [on FFXII] has been delayed this long after the game was first announced as a summer-2004 release, the most likely possibility is that they are doing extensive revision on a version that was approaching completion. Development must be pretty bumpy right now, as these revisions may be fairly major.

Such wise (and possibly inside) speculation comes on top of Square Enix's recent announcement that Kingdom Hearts II will in fact make it out the door before the next "reinvention" of the Final Fantasy series. Tachibana also makes a point to comment on wherever the series is heading beyond the next episode: "and I'm sure work is already proceeding internally on FFXIII," before he concludes his commentary with a prediction of FFXII's possible release window. "The ideal schedule for 2005 would be to have FFXII come out this summer, announce FFXIII in the fall, and release Kingdom Hearts II near the end of the year. And yet, there's been no new information whatsoever. Will it come out smoothly? I wouldn't be surprised if more trouble is coming."

Video-Fenky comments that recently Resident Evil 4 also had a lot of trouble getting itself sorted out before it was approved for release, so based on its stellar reviews, perhaps we can at least be optimistic that whatever fate has befallen FFXII at this point, perhaps it is for the best after all.

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Better being delayed rather than crappy. I'm sure it's for a good reason. KH II will come out first? Wow, that's a big delay.
^^ I agree we dont want another FFVII on the loose.
Do you also agree that poop is delicious and Jesus Christ is your lord and savior?? Your worthless opinion is irrelevant!
Poop was indeed declared edible according to the South Park movie.
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