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Radiata Stories is released and awesome

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ZOMGContrary to expectation by many Tri-Ace haters and comfortably inline with true experts like myself and Rachel, Radiata Stories is performing well in Japan since its release yesterday, selling 152k copies on the first day and beating Resident Evil 4. Square Enix does indeed have a stranglehold on that market. The game also garnered impressive scores from Dengeki PS2 last week, with a review spitting out three 95s and a 90. No NA or European dates have been given yet, but it's more than likely that they will be eventually. Meanwhile, feel free to complain about wanting a Valkyrie Profile sequel.

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Forums / News / Radiata Stories is released and awesome

Yep... and the game has got 36 out of 40 in Famitsu as well, hasn't it? Great scores...

I'm incredibly interested in this game... but oh well, that won't stop me from complaining about the lack of a Valkyrie Profile sequel. :/
I am Jack's ass. I am what people kiss when they realize they were wrong. Radiata Stories doubters often kiss me.
More humorously, Radiata Stories' main character is also named Jack! I laugh.
I've said it before, I'll say it again. The trailer I saw was enough to make me want it. Bad.
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