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Flaws are perfect, according to Sony

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PSPIn a recent interview, SCE President Ken Kutaragi awknowledged to Nikki Business that the square button was less responsive than the others, and that this design element is "something which users and game developers will have to adapt to." Though 4800 units have been returned for this "design choice", Kutaragi asserted that this was not a flaw, it was exactly where they wanted it to be.

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(because I didn't want to put it in the post)
News has just hit that the Leaning Tower of Piza is in fact not a flaw in the location, causing the tower to slightly tip every year, but in fact was originally designed to have the angle seen today. New notes discovered from the original architect state quite clearly "I am going for something new and original, something to blow those other towers out of the water. That's why it leans. It doesn't conform to the cliche notion that towers should stand straight. It has personality. People love it."
This may very well disrupt relations with SQUARE Enix.

I had to do that.
At least TRI-Ace is still in good standings.
The hilarity is going in CIRCLEs!
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