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Drakengard 2 website opens, and then some

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Square Enix recently replaced their enigmatic filler for Drakengard 2 with an actual website and provided expanded information on the game's plot, characters, and battle system. The results may shock you!
Ever since its announcement about two months ago, Drakengard 2 has been the subject of a great deal of speculation and debate in consideration of its predecessor. Now new details have arisen, enabling a clearer picture of the title's direction.

Drakengard 2 takes place eighteen years after the events of Drakengard, and focuses on the story of a knight named Nowe. He is accompanied by Mana, who is no longer relegated to the "little girl" role she carried in the original Drakengard, and the pair of adventurers have made it their purpose to demolish the Crimson Knights, a typical trouble-brewing assembly of evil doers.

Urich, a masked former Crimson Knight and friend of Nowe, also accompanies Nowe and Mana on their journey. He is said to be a lighthearted individual, yet has made a pact with the Death God Shinigami three years prior to the events in the game for the purpose of gaining some mysterious power.

Much in the fashion of the original game, players will control one character in their party at a time. Changing weapons, however, will actually change the character you control; Nowe wields a sword, Urich--an axe, and Mana uses magic. Mid-air portions of combat will make use of both Nowe and the dragon Legna, who may also be called into regular battle with a "Dragon Overdrive" skill to issue several varieties of death.

In addition to this new ability, ground-based battles will be considerably more advanced, with an alleged improvement in controls and a new combo system. The number of boss battles will also see an increase, as well as your stats, should you choose to equip or use any one of many new items determined for that purpose.

When not in battle, players will have the ability to explore towns, and purchase additional items and weapons with money gained by slaughtering thousands of mortal souls.

The recent creation of Drakengard 2's website reflects a stylishly sketchy nature familiar to most of the game's propaganda, while featuring a nice presentation of the above game information and (currently) several screenshots that are well worth a look.

Drakengard 2 is due out in Japan March 29, with no word yet on North American or European localization.

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Well let me start this up ..... release date.... J/K anyways the first Drakengard was good but not that good I am just hoping that they improve in some Areas like the fighting it was to slow.
Other problem with the game was the upgrading weapons thing took to long.If they make a little faster this time it will be a great improvement.
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