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Famitsu actually announces announcement

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As mysterious name patents will no longer suffice, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has provided that the announcement of a major Square Enix RPG title will be made in their publication. So now, while we all wait for the secret bound in the future pages of Famitsu to unveil itself in the coming week, we wonder: "how long until pre-announcement parties," and "will those parties serve cocktails?" With the current state of events, Final Fantasy XIII wouldn't be a surprising choice, nor can one disavow the potential rear of ugly polymorphism's head. At this point, however, only one thing is for certain: there is no certainty. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

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Forums / News / Famitsu actually announces announcement

*ROFL* And watch when the issue comes out featuring artwork to Parasite Eve 3.
I'm rooting for Ehrgeiz 2. It better include some characters from the Bouncer, so I can beat the shit out of them.
Or Einhander 2...? I really liked Einhander too.
I'd be funny if this 'major title' was FFXII. The major announcement being that it'll actually be coming out before our grandchildren will be the ones to play it.
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