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E3 2005: Squenix vaunts Polymorphism in full swing; still can't provide Final Fantasy XII release date; Kingdom Hearts II voice actors confirmed

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Are you... HEXCITED?!?!"Square Enix, Inc. to Unveil Massive Lineup at The Electronic Entertainment Expo," states the press release furiously. But the list is unimpressive: there's nothing new save for the odd mobile phone title, and the release dates we're so fanboyishly begging for fail to appear as well. Nevertheless, here's

American president Ichiro Otobe underlines the potential of the company's showing for this year with remarkable conviction, saying that the crossplatform COMPILATION of FINAL FANTASY VII will be a great example of the actual delivery of polymorphic content, our new content deployment model based on the creation of original concepts with interactivity on multiple platforms in mind from the start." For us hardcore Square Enix followers, however, the software on display will not particularly enthuse: yet another year with Final Fantasy XII, but what does that even mean if they still won't give a release date?

However, some new details have emerged from the short synopses presented in the press release, so let us give you an overview of them.


Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII (PS2)
"Taking place three years after the original PS one(TM) game console title, gamers follow Vincent Valentine's journey as he uncovers shocking truths never revealed in Midgar. Vincent is connected to recent attacks, and he may be the only one who can save this shattered world. When the world is engulfed in darkness, his gun will toll a dreadful dirge..."
Release date: none yet
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (PS2)
Something about wedding "classic gameplay" to "sumptuous graphics"..
Release date: none yet
Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
"Our tale begins in the Royal City of Rabanastre, against a backdrop of impending war. Rabanastre is the heart and capital of Dalmasca, a kingdom recently conquered by the neighboring Archadian Empire. The appointment of a new imperial consul gives the main character Vaan the chance he's been waiting for, but an unexpected turn of events puts Vaan and his friend Penelo alongside the sky pirate Balthier and his partner, Fran. Meanwhile, Princess Ashe, the sole surviving heir to the Dalmascan throne, struggles to restore freedom to her people. Return to an age when magic was commonplace and airships plied the skies, crowding out the heavens. Return to Ivalice."
Release date: what do you think?
Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir (PS2)
Ah, two brothers and a life-changing quest! Sounds original.
Release date: July
Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2)
"Haley Joel Osment (Secondhand Lions, The Sixth Sense) reprises his role as the main character Sora and is joined by Ming-Na (ER, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within) who voices Mulan and James Woods (Be Cool) who returns as the villain Hades, along with a slew of soon to be announced celebrity voices. It has been a year since the events of KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES. The story begins in Twilight Town, a quiet burg nestled between night and day. Sora and friends are joined by a vibrant new cast of characters, including the king himself! In the effort to help Mulan and stop the villain Hades' devious plots, they will encounter countless dangers both familiar and brand-new."
Release date: guess what? none yet
Radiata Stories (PS2)
"An emotional story about the conflict between humans and fairy creatures is complemented by a new gameplay system that draws the player deep into the game. Enter a never-before-seen living, breathing world where all of the characters live their own lives and the passage of time brings about remarkable changes. Your choices determine which of over 150 individuals will lend you a hand in your journey. Precise, easy-to-use controls allow you to add strategies to real-time battles through various changes in your party's formation."
Release date: Fall 2005
Romancing SaGa (PS2)
"A thousand years ago, Saruin was imprisoned. But the barriers that contain him are weakening, and his foreboding shadow threatens to swallow the world of Mardias once again. Who will rid the world of Saruin's scourge? A mysterious minstrel sometimes guides your party to adventure and at other times protects it from shadow. Occasionally he forces upon you grave choices that will change the world in which you travel and twist the plots you encounter. The free-roaming scenario system gives you a choice of eight intriguing playable main characters, each with their own adventures and goals."
Release date: none yet
Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia (PS2, PC)
"With an ever-expanding online world and new and improved features, Vana'diel is now bigger and better than ever! Gamers can look forward to the continuing story in the Chains of Promathia expansion pack, explore new areas such as Al'Taieu and the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi, and engage in battles using new spells and abilities. In addition, never-before-seen items and equipment, new quests and new systems like guild points and Ballista rankings await players. FINAL FANTASY XI is the world's first and only cross-platform MMORPG (allowing PlayStation?2 and Windows? players to play together in the same world). Although technology has advanced, FINAL FANTASY XI has kept pace and continues to grow, developing brand-new gameplay features while delivering frequent updates to meet players' needs."
Release date: already out, obviously...
Front Mission Online (PS2, PC)
"Join the O.C.U. or the U.C.S. and battle for control of Huffman Island. Fight alone with NPC backup or create a battle group with other players and experience the ultimate in teamplay combat. Actions in battle directly influence the chosen nation's domination of Huffman -- and with a high enough rank, you can issue missions to other players and dramatically shape the outcome of the war!"
Release date: none yet

Mobile phone games

Before Crisis - Final Fantasy VII
"Before Crisis takes place six years before the events of FINAL FANTASY VII. Shinra, Inc. has increased its power and profitability, its influence extending even to the government. Hidden from the public, the Turks, an elite squad of Shinra operatives, take care of Shinra's dirty work. Civil unrest grows as people become concerned about Shinra drawing mako energy directly from the planet. The rebel group AVALANCHE is formed to stop the corporation. This real-time action game allows gamers to enter the world of FINAL FANTASY VII through a mobile phone. Play with multiple players over the network, recruit new team members to SOLDIER, and carry out classified operations to stop the AVALANCHE menace."
Release date: none yet
Final Fantasy II
"A long-lived peace is at an end. The emperor of Palamecia has called forth monsters from the underworld and begun his campaign for world conquest. A rebel army arose in the Kingdom of Fynn to thwart the emperor's plans, but the rebels' castle fell to an all-out assault by the empire. Four youths from Fynn also found themselves fleeing the imperial forces. They had lost their parents at the hands of the empire. But their escape wasn't over..."
Release date: none yet
Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding
"Experience the non-stop 3D action and speed of the popular FINAL FANTASY VII mini-game, FINAL FANTASY VII Snowboarding, on the go! Rack up points in "Score Attack" mode by dodging obstacles and catching balloons. Unlock intermediate and advanced downhill courses to put your skills to the test. Unlock the "Time Attack" mode to challenge your own speed records. Responsive controls and a new spin jump move are optimized for mobile play. This title is available in the U.S. only." (what?)
Release date: oh shit, it's out! Run for it!
Front Mission 2089
"The year is 2089, and the war is brewing between the O.C.U. and U.C.S. Use your mobile phone to climb aboard giant humanoid armored vehicles called "wanzers" and fight for the nation of your choice. Experience an original storyline created exclusively for this mobile version in FRONT MISSION 2089."
Release date: none yet
Hexcite Fusion
"As the minutes turn into hours, you'll realize that Hexcite Fusion's gameplay has you in its grasp! Shift your shapes and form your geometric strategy. Try playing with a friend in two-player mode or match wits against three different AI levels. 800,000 copies of the board game have shipped in both the U.S. and Japan! Consider yourself warned -- don't pick up HEXCITE unless you've got the time to be furiously addicted!"
Release date: none yet
Musashi Mobile Samurai
"In Musashi: Mobile Samurai, slice through hoardes of foes with your dual swords and fight your way to the top of the Tower of Five Rings. Square Enix's first 3D action title for mobile platforms is an original fast-paced adventure set in the world of the PlayStation?2 game, Musashi?: Samurai Legend(TM). Simple controls allow you to unleash a variety of deadly techniques, and dynamic camera angles and spectacular visual effects intensify the thrill of battle! You've never seen 3D action like this!"
Release date: um, out now, apparently

"Visual Entertainment"

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (PSP, DVD)
"Two years after the dramatic conclusion of FINAL FANTASY VII, the ruins of Midgar stand as a testament to the sacrifices that helped bring peace. However, the world will soon face a new menace. A mysterious illness is spreading fast. Old enemies are astir. And Cloud, who walked away from the life of a hero to live in solitude, must step forward yet again..."
Release date: Holy 2005, Batman!

Staggeringly, it appears that FFXII still exists in some form, and hopefully we'll see some new content in the weeks to come (as no doubt Famitsu will have the scoop before the actual E3 event). On top of that is the news that the voice actors present in Kingdom Hearts are back for the sequel, which was previously expected but not confirmed. The only thing we're left to wonder about now is where Drakengard 2 and Grandia III are. Buh? Also notable is the lack of the previously speculated upon World of Mana, as well as any DS announcements. And what about Egg Monster Hero(es)?

Last of all, I'm sure you're all incredibly disappointed at the continued lack of Chrono Break. Or a Bakusou! Yankee Tamashii sequel. :(

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Forums / News / E3 2005: Squenix vaunts Polymorphism in full swing; still can't provide Final Fantasy XII release date; Kingdom Hearts II voice actors confirmed

Final Fantasy XII is probably a cardboard stand saying 'TBA' or 'Project disbanded'. Regardless, good to see Advent Children is still alive and kicking.
I think that between Sakaguchi and Uematsu leaving and the increased number of Enix products being released, the Square side is going to take a while to get back on its feet....possibly even better than before...
It won't take too long, those two staff members leaving is only one out of many things I'd imagine. Like the financial situation of the company after FF: TSW, given that they are making a movie, a lot of money would be flowing around that.
Will ah least when know now, what SquareEnix is going to show at E3. Damn though when are they going to release there frickin games. Are they going to release them with, X-Box 360 (whatever the damn name is) comes out or something.
Actually, Square has been talking about switching development to Xbox...or Xenon...whatever their calling the next one...(sigh), though, cause I ain't gettin' an Xbox, no matter what.
Actually, the first post of my is all mess up, 9 out of 10 times I edit my posts, but for some reason though the Edit button doesn't work (Sorry, this function is under construction.)The word WITH should be WHEN X-Box 360 comes out or something.I was just saying that SquareEnix still has no release dates, and that maybe S.E. will release their games when the new X-Box system comes out who know then again, they release FFVIII on the day Dreamcast came out in the US.(just joking with myself lol)
What? Square Enix hasn't been talking about development for Xbox. In fact, they've said the opposite -- given that the Xbox Live model is a totally different model to their Playonline (which is context-independent and scales across media, allowing for things like FFXI on PS2 and PC at the same time), I'd say there's pretty much no chance that they'll develop for Xbox 360. And even if they do, you won't see online titles coming.
YAY. Mistwalker mentioned the Xbox didn't they? I thought that was the whole competition thing, that it would be Sakaguchi against Square-Enix. As well as the rival consoles. Ah well, time will tell all.
I still feel like my last two posts weren't clear in enough.I would like to restate that, what I was saying that since theres no release date for most of the games, that maybe Square Enix will release there games on Playstation 2 during the next X-Box system release, some time at the end of the year or some crap like that.Maybe not all their game, but just wondering thats all.
Yes, it's quite feasible that we'll see Final Fantasy XII or some other major franchise title introduced to combat the Xbox 360 launch. That much is obvious.
Yes, that is indeed quite possible, given the delays in the title's release it could well be later on around that time. Frankly I don't care when it is, proivded my PS2 doesn't break down by the time it comes out here in Australia... :)
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