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Code Age movie to be shown at E3; site updated

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The official Code Age website has been updated with a new E3 trailer (select movie, then the one on the right) which showcases several scenes from the three upcoming expositions of the franchise (Archives, Brawls, and Commanders). There isn't much to see with Archives other than what seem like anime cuts, whereas Brawls seems to be a fairly generic low-framerate beat'em-up for mobile phones. Commanders looks great and seems to combine crazy Radiata Stories Tri-Ace battles with Zone of the Enders-esque animation/chaos. Let's hope it actually turns out good.

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Forums / News / Code Age movie to be shown at E3; site updated

I must say that trailer is one of the fanciest 'new game' trailers I've seen in a long time. I particlarly like the voice work - let's hope the English localisation is solid. (Voice-wise that is, I'm not concerned about the translation)
Squenix can always get Lance Bass to perform some meaningful lines for them, so...

Oh, hopefully Commanders will become something good. The trailer is sweet indeed.
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