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E3: Final Fantasy XI on Xbox 360 to look like shit

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Well, relatively speaking. Final Fantasy XI will look exactly the goddamn same, causing raging speculation as to whether Square Enix is just screwing around with MS for some extra $$$. Also revealed today was the fact that FFXI was originally under development for Xbox, but MS' stubborn vapidity prevented any kind of useful deal from being made. Looks like they puckered up this time around, though.

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Forums / News / E3: Final Fantasy XI on Xbox 360 to look like shit

I would say karma--- but I don't really give a shit.
Ah $M, will you ever learn? But then again, what Matt says is true. The day I care is the day that the next mainstream FF game goes Xbox solo, then I start breaking things.
Bah. It'll never sell. Or sell very poorly. I'll hang onto the "pilfered/borrowed" PS2 until the PS3 comes out and "pilfer/borrow" it from whoever in my family gets it and isn't into games. I repeat: Bah!
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