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Grandia sets out on pre-order campaign

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Square Enix has announced that those lucky multitudes who pre-order their upcoming Grandia III will receive a "History of Grandia: Sound Adventure Box". This magical box will include not only the game itself (astonishingly) but also a special soundtrack with tracks from various titles in the series, sure to fetch a pretty imported American penny. Grandia III is set to release on August 4th, priced at 7,980 yen ($74.21 USD).

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Forums / News / Grandia sets out on pre-order campaign

sound adventure box? HaHa that sounds gay.

"im 13 and i love to skate(board) even though im not super good at it i really dont play video games too much unlike most my friends i love rpg games and a lot of things square enix has put out i love final fantasy VII and even though i dont hav any type o"

Good times.
Oh yeah.

The soundtrack of the first game was pretty good... hmm, now that sounds like a nice reason to pre-order, somehow.
Well the Japanese are massive consumers of such products, I'm sure it'll sell over there. (As in the idea of this bundle)
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