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Code Age decoded

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With a recent update to its official Code Age Commanders website, Square Enix has revealed several details concerning two of the game's characters. The first of these, Kilroy, is detailed as being an assistant builder to the Ark, whose destruction by the Central Code drove him to become a Warhead in order to protect his people. Meme, his companion and also Warhead, has a past shrouded in mystery; which really isn't very helpful. A release date for Code Age Commanders (or its localization outside of Japan) has not yet been determined.

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What about Aliz and Gene (with that crazy Pake)? Or are they already known? I like that website, it reminds me of that fancy trailer.
Well, no. The website only details the two characters, as you can see.
Actually, it details 4 characters, as I can see. Aliz is a human, and Gene is a Warhead. (With that odd 'mobile' Pake)

Just because I can't be bothered translating it all doesn't mean I only see 2 characters... which bit are you looking at?
My mistake, I was looking at the wrong page. What I meant to say was that the update just included these two.
Very good. I swear Square-Enix changed to flash in order to irritate me and my love of the copy and paste function.
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