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Hey, let's publish some news about Square Enix Party 2005

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So apparently there's some new news regarding the upcoming Square Enix Party 2005, which is set to occur July 30-31 somewhere in Japan. Final Fantasy XII will be there. That fact alone virtually warrants coverage!

OK so this Square Enix party is going to be set at the "Makuhari hall" in Tokyo, apparently (something we actually reported earlier). New details involve how visitors will actually be interacting with the games on display there.

Square Enix Mega Theater
The theatre will be showing trailers for upcoming games, including a new one of nearly-released-omigod-I-can't-wait Advent Children and "something" of Final Fantasy XII. Probably more CG and a soapy lack of the name "Matsuno" anywhere in view.
Experience Zone
If you call it "zone", it's almost like it's a real game level! But hey, there'll be a lot of games to play (though not all of them worth spending time on, right Mr. Kawazu?). Here's a list:

Square Haven will continue to not go to these events and cheaply rip off other people's hard work in an attempt to inform the masses! Thank you for reading. I am not drunk.

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Go the huge-ass robots!
this has nothing really to do with the topic bought i just read in EGM that their heard from inside scources working in square-enix that they are remaking FF7 for the PS3. Its all in this months issue.
Yeah and it's bullshit, so there you go.
Hehe, we'll surely get loads of bullshit regarding that FFVII tech demo, I reckon.

Anyways, I look forward for Grandia III, Kingdom Hearts II, FFXII (finally!)... and I want to know more about Dragon Quest VIII, Radiata Stories, though they weren't invited for the Party... and Rogue Galaxy (the recently announced new PS2 game from Level 5).
There's also a slew of mobile games, and delicious anime and magazines on display. And there's a cafe!
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