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More Final Fantasy XII information revealed

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While no actual release date has yet been provided, Square Enix has at least taken the liberty to release some further information on Final Fantasy XII. For instance, the dark haired man in many scans is now Vayne Kaldas Soridor, the son and heir to Arcadia, and he is described as holding compassion for commoners despite his immense power. Two new summons have also been revealed: Hashmarim the earth summon and Berias (Velius) the fire summon; names taken directly from Final Fantasy Tactics. More information will be revealed, swears Enix, at the coming Square Enix Party 2005.

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If indeed Hashmarim and Berias are the primary elemental summons (which is usually the ones we see in magazines prior to a FF's release), this would be the first FF game since as far back as I can remember not to feature Titan and Ifrit. New direction indeed, Matsuno.
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